Individual Works

Independent works on a range of topics, including song lyrics (“Where the Wild Roses Grow” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Kylie Minogue), general concepts (“Crossing”, “A Night on the Town”), autobiographical pieces (“Dissolution” and “Reassembly”), and political and societal issues (“Peg Dance”, “72”).

Series ‘Konstrukt’

The series ‘Konstrukt’ utilizes layered compositions to represent imaginary materials and structures in various stages of (dis-)assembly. The transparency of the layers facilitates a greater comprehension of the constituent elements, and encourages speculation about the stability and permanence of the structures, hinting at the transience even of supposedly concrete and durable physical as well as social constructs.

Series ‘City Limits’

The ‘City Limits’ and ‘Konstrukt’ series are parallel in their evolution. While ‘Konstrukt’ is purely abstract from its first layer, ‘City Limits’ begins with research into photographs of cities in crisis, such as those affected by war, mistreatment of minorities, political and economic injustices, or negligence and their consequences.
Through the defamiliarisation of the images on the canvas, and with the addition of further layers and varying degrees of transparency, the paintings become increasingly abstract, while still retaining figurative elements. Ultimately, the works strive to extend beyond the initial photographs, exploring contemporary questions and connections.

Series ‘Exit’

The mini series ‘Exit’ focuses on the various anthropogenic causes of species extinction. Through the use of associative abstraction and layering, the processes and temporal references of extinction are visually expressed.

Series ‘Future Relics’

‘Future Relics’ are remnants of the relationship of our culture with animals and their use and production, like cages and weapons.
Their depictions come to us from a future society which has long consigned the use of animal products to its history books, and they have expressed their views on our practices with symbols and script-like layers.
But what exactly are their thoughts on our industries of mass ‘production’ and killing of animals? These industries are still growing today despite moral and ethical questions and the significant consequences for our environment and the climate.
Would an evolved society that may have emerged after a climate catastrophe forgive it’s predecessor and it’s politicians, lobbyists, producers and consumers?
This series was first conceived for the exhibition ‘The Beauty of Forgiveness’ which took place in August 2021.

Series ‘Stripes’

The ‘Stripes’ series is composed of abstract representations of various subjects, beginning with ‘Panther’, which was inspired by Rilke’s famous poem of the same name. This painting initiated an exploration of combining different layers and aspects of a subject into a single composition. Various layering techniques are used, with vertical lines and stripes as the dominant element. Subsequent works in the series focus on places and times that have personal significance, with layers having associations with facets such as landscape, architecture, people, history, and events, all filtered through personal memory, encounters, thoughts, and emotions.

Series ‘Horizons’

My series ‘Horizons’ builds upon the abstract representations of previous works, but with a greater focus on contemporary events and abstract ideas. The vertical orientation is not as rigidly adhered to, allowing for more eclectic compositions and appearances, while the horizon remains a unifying factor, either visually or as a concept. Layering techniques are still employed, but with a greater emphasis on the use of thin, transparent layers.

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