Individual Works

A variety of works with subjects ranging from song lyrics (‘Where the wild roses grow’ by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds & Kylie Minogue), to more general concepts (‘Crossing’, ‘A night on the town’), the autobiographical (‘Dissolution’ and ‘Reassembly’), and politics/ society (‘Peg dance’, ’72’)

Series ‘Konstrukt’

In the series ‘Konstrukt’ I work as usual with a number of layers, but in this case they don’t necessarily have a specific individual meaning. The works show imaginary materials / structures in a degree of (de-) construction. The transparency not only enables us to see more of the layers underneath, it also asks about the permanence of these structures and about any impact they and their materials may have on society and environment.

Series ‘City Limits’

The series ‘City Limits’ evolved parallel to the series ‘Konstrukt’. Where ‘Konstrukt’ is purely abstract from the first layer, ‘City Limits’ has a different approach. The process starts with some research and choosing one or several photographs of a city that is in a moment of crisis. This can involve the effects of war, the mistreatment and dehumanisation of minorities, or effects of political and economic injustices or negligence and their consequences.
The images are defamiliarised on the canvas, but the works start in a more or less figurative way. The resulting paintings vary in their appearance and depending on the number of subsequent layers and their degree of transparency they may still show figurative elements.
The works aim to reach beyond the moments captured in the original photos, by incorporating associations with questions of the present day.

Series ‘Exit’

Subjects of the the mini series ‘Exit’ are different man made reasons for the extinction of species. Through associative abstraction and layering I tried to express different aspects and time references of the processes leading to extinction.

Series ‘Future Relics’

‘Future Relics’ show remnants of the relationship of our culture with animals and their use and production, like cages and weapons, overlayed with symbols.
They come to us from an imaginary future society which has long consigned the use of animal products to its history books. What would their thoughts be on our industries of mass ‘production’ and killing of animals? These industries are still growing today despite moral and ethical questions and the significant consequences for our environment and the climate.
Would an evolved society that may have emerged after a climate catastrophe forgive it’s predecessor and it’s politicians, lobbyists, producers and consumers?
The ‘Future Relics’ series was first conceived for the exhibition ‘The Beauty of Forgiveness’ which took place in August 2021, and I have been adding more works to the series since.

Series ‘Stripes’

The series ‘Stripes’ comprises abstract representations of my perception of different subjects. ‘Panther’, a visualisation of Rilke’s poem was the starting point of the series and also initiated my desire to explore the possibilities of combining different layers and aspects of a subject into one cohesive painting. I use various layering techniques and the compositions of this series are dominated by vertical lines / stripes.
Subsequent works in this series are concerned with places and times that had a significant meaning for me. Here the different layers may have associations with facets like landscape, architecture, people, history, events…. yet always through the lens of personal memory, encounters, thoughts and emotions.

Series ‘Horizons’

The series ‘Horizons’ continues the theme of abstract representations but focuses more on current affairs and general concepts. The constraints of the strong vertical orientation give way to less uniform compositions and appearance, even though ‘horizons’ become a unifying characteristic. Still various layering techniques are being used, but more emphasis is placed on the application of thin, transparent layers.

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