Stripes & Horizons

Series ‘Stripes’

The ‘Stripes’ series is composed of abstract representations of various subjects, beginning with ‘Panther’, which was inspired by Rilke’s famous poem of the same name. This painting initiated an exploration of combining different layers and aspects of a subject into a single composition. Various layering techniques are used, with vertical lines and stripes as the dominant element. Subsequent works in the series focus on places and times that have personal significance, with layers having associations with facets such as landscape, architecture, people, history, and events, all filtered through personal memory, encounters, thoughts, and emotions.

Series ‘Horizons’

My series ‘Horizons’ builds upon the abstract representations of previous works, but with a greater focus on contemporary events and abstract ideas. The vertical orientation is not as rigidly adhered to, allowing for more eclectic compositions and appearances, while the horizon remains a unifying factor, either visually or as a concept. Layering techniques are still employed, but with a greater emphasis on the use of thin, transparent layers.

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