Artist Statement

I am fascinated by the possibilities of expression through the application and interplay of paint layers.

In my work layers do not necessarily relate to physical aspects, but also for example to different points in time, feelings, protagonists, and they may in parts overlap, disappear, shine through or resurface after removing parts of layers above.

Subjects I am interested in include history and politics, but also the autobiographical and more general concepts and ideas.

Preferred mediums are oil and acrylic paint.
Sometimes the first layers are inspired by photographs, sometimes I start by just choosing initial colours with subsequent washes, drips or marks.
The works are mainly abstract yet representational. They rely very much on associative abstraction, which influences choice of colours, shapes, transparency and geometric or graphic elements.

My works are process oriented, there is a constant conversation with and re evaluation of the work, especially after each applied layer, combining the analytical with the intuitive.

A finished work shows the story of my subjective examination of a subject, and its evolution through the various stages and layers, and I am inviting viewers to look for their own personal interpretation within the artwork