Future Relics & Exit

Series ‘Exit’

The mini series ‘Exit’ focuses on the various anthropogenic causes of species extinction. Through the use of associative abstraction and layering, the processes and temporal references of extinction are visually expressed.

Series ‘Future Relics’

‘Future Relics’ are remnants of the relationship of our culture with animals and their use and production, like cages and weapons.
Their depictions come to us from a future society which has long consigned the use of animal products to its history books, and they have expressed their views on our practices with symbols and script-like layers.
But what exactly are their thoughts on our industries of mass ‘production’ and killing of animals? These industries are still growing today despite moral and ethical questions and the significant consequences for our environment and the climate.
Would an evolved society that may have emerged after a climate catastrophe forgive it’s predecessor and it’s politicians, lobbyists, producers and consumers?
This series was first conceived for the exhibition ‘The Beauty of Forgiveness’ which took place in August 2021.

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